9. As I was about to type this, I accidentally knocked a whole cup of tea over myself. Devastated.

    In other news, HGD should be up and running again next month. Just in case there’s anybody who only just checks the website and not the facebook. If there is, I’d like to know (just for curiosity’s sake).


  10. paismaycaresite:

    So I’ve stopped doing Highgreen Dawn for a bit. It isn’t that I’ve fallen out with it, it’s that I want to do it better and to do that I need time off churning them out. With everything I do, the main aim is to make something I’m really really proud of and I’m hoping with some genuine practice I can do that. I know I’m not the best cartoonist ever, but if you look at series 1 on www.highgreendawn.co.uk, you’ll see I’ve improved a ton in a few years.

    I’d also maybe like the site to be less tumblr-y and more like a webcomic’s website so will look into that.

    On a related note though, you can expect at least two of the following:

    A Horton cyber pet PC game

    A series of a few Horton comics

    A game called My Little Apocalypse where you run the highgreen flat, take in survivors etc. It’ll be a really simple affair so don’t get your hopes up.




  13. paismaycare:


    Popped some new merch up on my shop

    (via paismaycaresite)


  14. I’m playing a game over on facebook where people suggest additions to a monster and I draw them on. I’m having a lot of fun doing this. The simple things.